Whales Radar | AI-Powered NFT Trading Tool.

Web Design & Development

Whales Radar - Revolutionizing NFT Trading with AI.

Whales Radar is a cutting-edge tool designed for NFT traders, leveraging the power of AI to track top NFT traders in real-time. The platform aims to maximize profits by providing timely insights and notifications based on the moves of the market's most profitable traders.

Business needs

Client Request

Whales Radar's primary objective was to effectively communicate the value of their product on a single page. They wanted visitors to quickly grasp the tool's purpose, eliminating the need for repetitive explanations. As a sales page, it was crucial to instill confidence in potential customers and entice them to purchase the tool.

Working Process

4 Simple steps for success




Seamless User Experience with Integrated Solutions.

The Whales Radar website was meticulously designed to offer a user-friendly experience. We ensured that the value proposition was front and center, making it easy for visitors to understand the tool's capabilities. Integrations with Telegram, Mailchimp, and Stripe were implemented to automate tasks and enhance the user journey.



  • A clear and concise presentation of the product's value on a single page.
  • Quick and easy understanding of the tool's purpose, reducing repetitive client inquiries.
  • Integration with external tools to automate tasks, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Positive user testimonials showcasing the tool's efficacy and impact on NFT trading.