La Belle Liégeoise | A Taste of Belgian Delight in Miami.

Web Design & Development

La Belle Liégeoise - Merging Belgian Tradition with Miami's Tropical Vibe.

Originating as a franchise, La Belle Liégeoise made its U.S. debut with its first establishment in Miami. While staying true to the original branding, we tailored it to resonate with the vibrant Miami audience, ensuring a blend of authenticity and innovation.

Business needs

Client Request

The primary objective for La Belle Liégeoise was to create a unique presence in Miami while retaining the essence of the parent brand. The client wanted a website that differentiated itself yet felt familiar, was accessible to everyone, and was easily comprehensible. With the aim of boosting restaurant traffic, the site needed to be SEO optimized to enhance the effectiveness of Google Ads and ensure top ranking on Google.

Working Process

4 Simple steps for success



Boosting La Belle Liégeoise's Presence in Miami.

In addition to the website, our marketing initiatives encompassed social media posts, Google Ads campaigns, and photo shoot organization. We also established strategic partnerships with delivery platforms such as DoorDash and Uber to boost restaurant traffic.


Merging Belgian Tradition with Miami's Vibrancy.

The website was meticulously designed to provide a seamless user experience, ensuring accessibility across all devices. In addition to being universally accessible, the site features a dedicated section showcasing the waffle store's menu, complete with all store locations.

Strategic placement of each element ensures easy navigation and comprehension. Links to order directly from Uber Eats and DoorDash are prominently displayed, enhancing convenience for users looking to make a purchase.



  • A website that uniquely stands out while retaining the essence of the parent brand.
  • Enhanced online visibility and increased restaurant traffic.
  • Successful partnerships with major delivery platforms in Miami.